How GWC Warranty Can Help Lenders Protect Their Portfolios and Lend Confidently

Automotive lenders can confidently partner with GWC Warranty because GWC Warranty is a best-in-class provider that is committed to delivering its signature “No Worries, Just Drive” experience to lenders, dealers and drivers.

GWC Warranty can help lenders such as finance companies, banks, and credit unions from across the United States protect their automotive portfolios and lend confidently. The top-notch vehicle service contracts offered by GWC Warranty have helped the provider build a strong reputation, as has the fact that GWC Warranty is part of an organization that has already paid more than $3.5 billion in claims to date.

Through its high-quality service and commitment to excellence, GWC Warranty’s customized programs can help automotive lenders do the following:

Protect Portfolio

GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts protect drivers from day one of ownership. A driver’s very first miles on a car are covered in case there is an unexpected vehicle breakdown. By helping them keep money in their pockets when costly repairs arise, drivers are less likely to fall behind on their payments or default on loans, giving lenders the security they need to keep their automotive portfolios clean.

Reinforce Dealer Partnerships

GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts help dealers receive more business because they improve the overall customer experience and strengthen the dealers’ reputation. The backing of GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts helps reinforce the relationships between lenders and dealers while typically generating more dealer profit per vehicle sold. Building long-term, sustainable relationships between dealers and lenders is the best way to grow business.

Produce Increased Revenue

Automotive lenders can generate more revenue on each loan through partnering with GWC Warranty. The best-in-class vehicle service provider works with dealers of all sizes, which allows GWC Warranty’s lender partners to find dealers to work with that suit them best. Better relationships and more relationships with dealers help create larger revenue for lenders.

Reducing portfolio risk and strengthening dealer relationships are specialties of GWC Warranty that automotive lenders should take note of.  Incremental revenue is the result when auto lenders partner with GWC Warranty. So don’t leave money on the table if you’re an auto lender. Partner with GWC Warranty and improve your business today.

GWC Warranty has a dedicated team of professionals who focus on lender partner needs and their businesses they work with. GWC Warranty has decades of experience, giving it the knowledge and the network of dealers any auto lender needs to take their business to the next level.

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